Technology That Changed Global Living

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Technologies that Changed Global Living Jasmin Mesner History to 1877 Dr. Monica Gallamore November 30, 2016 Jasmin Mesner Dr. Gallamore History to 1877 30 November 2016 There are many things in today’s world that help us every day that we do not realize how much it does. The internet helps us reach completely across the world in a matter of seconds. Cell phones help us reach people that we need to talk to and not have to wait weeks for a reply. What did we do before all the things we know and make our daily lives easier? Before those things, the world had other technologies that helped transform global living to where it is today. Many things helped shape the world decades ago, including the printing press which helped pamphlets and other books be easier made, steamboats and trains help get goods and transform goods to one place to another, steel plow and mechanical reaper help agriculture working easier, and American System of Manufacturing made producing goods less time consuming, created more jobs, and less complex. To begin with, the impact of railroads on the Industrial Revolution changed economy, and social change to this country. The railroad was first invented in Great Britain by George Stephenson. “Railroads would drop shipping cost by 60 % - 70%.” The Railroad helped economic growth in the west. More goods could be imported out there since businesses and other goods were scarce because it was newly settled. The building of railroads also created
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