Technology : The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology In The Classroom

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Technology has changed how we learn over the years. It has affected how things are taught, and how they are received and processed by the students. Teachers could post any information on a specific website that the teacher provided and the students can view and reply to the post. Students used to have to bring home a textbook every night, but with the modern technology they have to log onto an online textbook. There are some instructors who believe that pencil and paper are slowly dwindling down into nothingness. Other educators believe that technology has helped benefit their students educations and don’t worry about pencil and paper.
Technology has its advantages and disadvantages in the classroom. Compared to the positive effects, the negative nowhere near as long. Some of the negative effects include not paying attention in class, not being on task, or even playing a game in the middle of a lecture. Wolpert says that “As technology has played a bigger role in our lives, our skills in critical thinking and analysis have declined, while our visual skills have improved”. This means that students are paying more attention to technology and visual stimulants than books and worksheets. They would rather look up the answer than do the work themselves. “In other words, kids need to be taught when to stop clicking and start thinking more carefully. Increasingly, teachers are equipping students with means to evaluate websites rather than taking them at face value” (Simpson). This quote is supportive of the statement made above. Students would prefer to take shortcuts than take the extra time to actually learn about a subject. The article written by Rick Allen says “An initial assessment of the research on the current generation of technology used to aid literacy yields interesting, if not lackluster, results”. Students are becoming more technology smart, but they still are not grasping the concept of learning from a book that students can take home to read that is not on a screen.
There are many benefits of having technology in the classroom as well. Some of the benefits include help with assignments, make communication between two different points on the world easier, and lets the teacher assign homework even if
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