Technology : The Benefits Of Technology In The Classroom

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Technology is everywhere, in every corner of the world; moreover, everyone with access to technology will agree that it facilitates nearly every task while also performing said task at a fraction of the time it takes to perform it without the aid of technology.. The twenty-first century is a time period in which technology experienced, perhaps, its biggest boom resulting in it being used in the educational world, too. The use of technology in schools is an immensely beneficial concept both for the students and the teachers. Technology in the classroom is beneficial because it increases productivity, it makes performing tasks easier, and it increments student engagement.

First of all, technology is beneficial in the classroom due to the fact that it increases productivity. Technologies such computers, phones, tablets, and laptops, which are pretty basic and common in the technology world, are part of the technological advancements of this time period that make productivity in the classroom go off the charts. For instance, computers help teachers and students because students can write essays such as this one way faster than if they had to write it with their hands. If students typed all of their work, not just essays, they could finish every single assignment given out by the teacher faster thus increasing productivity. However, the technologies such as computers, phones, and laptops are not just helpful to students but also to the teachers. For example, teachers
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