Technology : The Positive Influence Of Technology And Relationships

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In the present time individuals can't envision their existence without innovation. Encompassing us different advancements that are helping individuals to carry on with their existence with more extravagance. The innovation segment has changed and created numerous items. The innovation is giving many preferences. It’s a given that technology has been enhancing the way individuals learn and makes it simple. Not only does technology make life easier it further provides us with the opportunity to make a more intimate relationship like a personal connection.

When mentioning of how technology impacts our society, people will think of its positive influence. Technology and social media has changed the way people interact with one another it made us individuals closer with one another. This is Providing the platform to help us maintain a personal connection. According to Danah Boyd, “Teens want to gossip, flirt, complain, compare notes, share passions, emote and joke around. They want to be able to talk among themselves –even if that means going online” (20-21) Danah Boyd expresses the reason why society goes online and how it brings us closer together even if it means not being face-to-face with the individual. Technology and Relationships has become such an important issue because it allows us to interact on another level. Simultaneously it makes it somewhat easier to interact, without the awkward face-to-face conversations people struggle with. “Social media has become an
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