Technology : The Pros And Cons Of Technology

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Pros and Cons of Technology Have you ever thought about the pros and cons of technology? Technology can be very helpful don't you think? Although you have to agree with me that Technology can have disadvantages too. Technology is improving in many ways along ¨ with shift in society and the way that we think and operate is also coming along as a consequence to the technological advances. ¨ (7 biggest pros, and cons of Technology) There has been a lot of debate on if technology is good for society or not, but in order to develop an opinion you have to hear about both of the sides first. Pros, or Cons? To continue, The pros of technology for society is that it helps people travel faster, it gives people a source of entertainment, and we can keep a fluid relationship with people around us. Technology helps society by giving us ways to travel faster. If you wanted to get a ticket for a bus, you can buy them online if you wanted to. Also, you can call an uber to help you get to where you need to go. This would help society because we could be more positive that we are where we need to go, and to not be late.Another pro about technology for society is that it gives you an entertainment such as watching videos or social media. This helps society because ¨Photography, radio, movies, television shows, music and video games occupy a central spot in people's lives.¨ (Technology pros and cons: is technology good or bad for society?). This means that it plays a big role in people's lives, and it makes people happy. The last por of technology for society is that we can keep a fluid relationship with the people we know on apps like different social media. Connecting with people you know helps society because, ¨Thanks to technology grandparents get to see and chat with their grandchildren much more often. People today get to meet others sharing similar hobbies or interests.¨ (Technology pros and cons: is technology good or bad for society?).This means that people can connect better without actually talking to them, and therefore people can socialize more often. On the other hand, The cons of technology are hurting the society in ways because technology can be too expensive, people might throw their old electronic away it
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