Technology : The Use Of Technology And Technology For Children

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At a very young age, children are introduced to technology. Many parents set their children down to watch a television show to keep them quiet or to catch a few more minutes of sleep. There are many children who have the latest cell phone or tablet that their parents can barely afford. Now schools have increasingly started to integrate technology-related gadgets and activities into the children’s studies. Many schools even issue school tablets or laptops to students at the beginning year to be returned at the end. Agarwal and Kar say, “Focus is more on use of technologies to provide knowledge and it is possible in near future that education will become paperless” (2015, p. 172). However, children’s brains are not developed well enough to understand the strong urge to become hooked on the technology (Agarwal & Kar, 2015). When children are given such advanced technology, letting them completely become enveloped, it is like re-wiring their brain. They become so involved, most do not turn back and stay isolated, to themselves in the internet, social media, and whatever else they come across. Becoming so wrapped up in social media and technology has led to individuals being “lost”. Lost as in being so engrossed by the technology in their hands, they cannot comprehend the world around them. There are children, teenagers, and even adults who will be stuck in technology and not acknowledge the person next to them who happens to be speaking (Cheung, 2013). It is like that
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