Technology : The Use Of Technology In Modern Society

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Technology plays a pivotal role in the lives of billions of people every single day. Usually, the first thing that a person looks at when they wake up is their cell phone, which most have already used as their alarm clock. Every day we see the use of technology becoming more and more predominant in society. It is used as the backbone of how society functions; communication, information, and entertainment. There can be no denying the usefulness that technology has brought to the lives of people, but too much a good thing can be bad. The use of technology has brought about a dependency that has hindered people from thriving at a full capacity because technology is there to do it for them. In the world today, it is quite literally impossible to avoid technology in modern society. Classrooms are one of the biggest places that have integrated the use of technology. Middle and high schools have almost completely done away with paper books and opt to give students tablets and computers. While colleges do still have textbooks for classes most of the time students have the option of getting them as an e-book. Simply put technology makes the life of students and teachers much easier. That being said, technology also creates a form of distraction for students (Ronan). With limitless websites of videos, movies, television shows, and games (not to mention social media apps) there is no telling how much work could have gotten done during the period of time a person was binge-watching
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