Technology Through The Ages Essay

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Even though technology may seem like a hassle for the older generations, it has greatly impacted the world because most families are dependent on technology as a part of their daily lives. Living in a modern society, technology has changed the world in an optimistic way, making many lives easier, safer, and better. Over the years, technology has grown like a young child; it started off crawling, then it learned to walk, and finally matured enough to run at a speed at which it is impossible to catch up to. Technology is currently in the elusive stage. To some extent, technology is inseparable from our lives. Through the years, technology has continuously bettered lives, even though there are incidences of the contrary.
Technology ages
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This substitution started the so-called Iron Age. The use of Iron made it possible to produce tools and weapons which were stronger than stone. As well, the use of Iron made it possible to manufacture tools and weapons cheaper than bronze and copper. A result of the Iron Age was the clearance of land by the use of iron axes, which provided more farmland to support the growing population. The Iron Age consisted of use of Iron in weapons, pottery, and tools.
It may seem that the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Age (three-age system) had the greatest advances in technology, but ancient civilization has by far produced the maximum progress in technology. Different civilizations created different types of technology, but most of the civilizations involved their inventions with living traditions. Egyptians invented the ramp, which is now on U-haul trucks to stow away storage. Indians created a sailing craft, which is now advanced to the point of luxury rather than means of transportation. The Chinese contributed most to Ancient Civilizations, such as the compass, paper, gun powder, etc. Most of these inventions are used today, which shows the influence of technology from the past.
The Industrial Revolution was the period between the years of 1701-1900, where there was a boom in agriculture, mining, and transportation. This period expanded the old aged technology, and made it modernized so it can be used for the
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