Technology To Snoop Research Paper

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Technology Used to Snoop Technology has advanced at a so fast a pace that the laws used to protect it citizens don’t apply to the way the technology is being used. The Federal, State and local governments are using technology to snoop on it citizens and it is wrong. The criteria that is used to measure this invasion are no consent from its citizens to track their movements, searching third party video cameras without a warrant, criminals using collected material after stealing this material without citizen permission for personnel gain, and unreasonable intrusion on the seclusion of citizens. When driving on a toll road or through most intersection in medium to large cities you might want to smile and say cheese because you will be on camera.…show more content…
C. Alexander Hewes Jr the author of “Threat And Challenges Of Cyber-Crime And The Response” stated “Most security experts agree that the U.S. government is under a constant hack attack to its systems in some form or another (6). When criminals hack the government systems the criminals are looking for information that is worthy of selling, extorting someone, or creating a bribery system. Driver license information or social security information can be sold on the black market for other people to commit crimes in the stolen information’s name. An area of extortion can be created with surveillance footage that the government has collected and stored. When a traffic camera records the entry and exiting of a gentlemen’s club that information could be used to extort an individual that was embarrassed that he got caught going to that type of club. Even worse with the same scenario bribery has been committed when an elected official is asked to vote a certain way because he was caught on those same cameras. The only way to keep information safe is to create less information that has to be kept…show more content…
Some citizen create a route to maximize the seclusion outside of their dwelling. The techniques for this type of seclusion would be going outside their house after midnight to shop, workout, or even eat. The number of 24 hours’ open place have dramatically increase in my lifetime. When a citizen goes outside of his dwelling at 4 am in the morning he has a reasonable thought that he will be the only one outside. When this citizen walks down the road a t 4 am in the morning he has a reasonable thought that he will be the only one walking. When this citizen crosses an intersection he has a reasonable thought that he will be the only one crossing the intersection. When the government places a camera this has created an unreasonable intrusion on his or her seclusion because they wanted to be secluded or they wouldn’t have been out at that time. There are no guidelines that govern the implementation of these traffic cameras, the storage of media, or the destruction of
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