Technology Today Is Being Used Negatively

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Dearra Anderson
ENC 1102
Synthesis Essay: Cyber-Bulling
Technology today is being used negatively. Children are being bullied, harassed and embarrassed in front of others whether it’s on social media or in public. Portable telephones and web utilization is getting to be progressively common, along these lines need the abuse about this innovation to spook (Carrick-Davies). The days where you personally introduce yourself over the internet are long gone; people meet and have no clue who the other person is (Jelsie Espinoza). Previously, sheltered and charming situations and exercises could get to be debilitating what more could a chance to be a hotspot of uneasiness. (Carrick-Davies). A sample of this is digital harassing also known
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Some cyber bullies surmise that tormenting on the web is clever (Webster). You never know who is watching your every move and later use everything you posted online or sent in a text against you. Digital harassing is viciousness which implies that, it could endure hurt on young teens (Richard Webster). More than 1 in 3 young teens have encountered digital dangers on the internet. (Richard Webster).
There would be a considerable measure of results that accompany constantly a cyber-bully; for example, confronting legitimate charges which imply whether the digital harassing might have been sexual over nature alternately included sexting, those end outcomes might incorporate constantly enrolled as a sex wrongdoer (Richard Webster). Young teens should not want that pressure on their back as them being a sex offender or anything more. Cyber bulling affects many of us on a daily basis. Nearly 40-50% of kids have been bullied online. People can cyber bully undercover or either gets bold enough to use their real name. Youngsters believe that if utilize a fake sake they won’t get caught, in any case there need aid numerous approaches who figure out who is digital harassing (Richard Webster). A spook ought to further bolstering not have the capacity to stroll cheerfully; furthermore, uninhibitedly same time they try around making agony on others (Jelsie Espinoza). The laws and consequences should be way stricter than what they are now. Not just for cyber bullying, but for all
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