Technology Tools And Their Effects On Managerial Accounting

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Managerial Accounting
Omid Ashrafi
December 12, 2014
City University of Seattle

This paper emphasize on technology tools and their effects on managerial accounting. It is clarifying Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing (SAP) which is using by many companies in these days to manage supply chain procedures and managerial accounting. Lately, it will talk about SAP features, SAP and the value of financial staff, technology effects, and trends. Managerial Accounting and Technology
Today, managers are using traditional and new tools to manage operational and strategic functions. They need information to control internal procedure in the company. The new software such as SAP, Oracle, People soft,
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It can manage and control the procedures in different organizations and departments like supply chain and finance. In 1972, five entrepreneurs started to work on their vision for business technology. They started with one customer but after 42 years of experience it has more than 63,000 customers in all around the world. SAP is coming from Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software which is the basic software to controls whole organizations and different departments (SAP Website, 2014)

SAP Features
SAP has many abilities to manage operational works in different departments. According to Tegruse consulting (2014) accounting and finance are the first ability for SAP. It can manage budget and control accounts receivable and payable for the accountant departments. Second, sales and customer support management. It is a connection between customer and company, and also SAP can provide better quality of services to customers. Third, it can manage supply chain procedures to provide the right goods in the right time for the company. Fifth, inventory and distribution are another features of SAP because it can manage inventory and across multiple warehouse and location, and finally reporting and administration which is related to distribute reports. Therefore, SAP connected all departments and organization inside the companies, and
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