Technology Transfer and Process Safety Management

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1. Introduction The purpose of this project is to investigate to any topic relevant to Technology Transfer. In this report I will be investigating on Process safety management. Safety on work place is one of the priority element management of the manufacture put in front, should fix the rules to follow, monitoring. Some area where the standards have to be applied such as in chemicals sections, transportation of materials and fabricated metal products, gas, electric services. Incident communication is about sharing of information about incident management between the decision makers and regulators and stakeholders. Parties can communicate at any stage of the risk management process. The output/result of incident management process should be appropriately communicated and documented for the future reference. Process safety management has tools available to identify the hazardous and assess the incidents such as Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA). The process safety management is important to employees, contractors, customers. Incidents continue to occur in various industries that use highly hazardous chemicals which may be toxic, reactive, flammable, or explosive, or may exhibit a combination of these properties. 2. Background In 1991 OSHA (Occupation safety and healthy application) developed process safety management (PSM) and EPA respectively released the standards PSM and RMP that applies to those companies that are affected by that standards.[1]Recent major disasters
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