Technology Trends Essay

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INTRODUCTION It seems that every year people turn increasingly toward living their lives through technology. It has inundated society, families, jobs, and lives. Three developing trends that in some ways overlap each other are specifically related to living in a technology world. These trends are particularly important to the school librarian because many students are living their lives through the web. In order to reach those students, the librarian must be knowledgeable about the trends and applications and be able to use and apply them in a library setting. By using them, the librarian makes the library relevant to students, and brings the library to students where the students are.
The first trend is social communication
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TREND ONE - SOCIAL COMMUNICATION Social communication is found on the web through blogs, online journaling, emailing, instant messaging, and micro-blogging. People use these applications to track their lives, inform others what they have been doing, make recommendations, rant about an interest, and a variety of other reasons. There is some sort of social communication about virtually every topic under the sun. Blogs, which is short for web-blogs, are essentially a place online where people go to write about their thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc. in their own voice in order to share it with the masses (“Exploring web 2.0 and libraries,” 2006). In a blog, someone can respond to the writer with a comment, and then the blogger can post the comment for others to view, or they can delete it. In education or in a library, a blog could be used to share ideas about a topic, recommend books, share thoughts on a book, share news about upcoming events, share information about a past event, etc. (Naslund & Guistini, 2008). Blogs are very applicable to the library setting. It is a place to have conversations about anything. It could become a sort of on-line book club. The blog should invite participation. The more engaged students are, the more likely they are to care about the library (“Technology trends for a 2.0 world,” 2007). Some of the more popular blog sites are,, and (Naslund & Guistini, 2008). Micro-blogging is
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