Technology : Visualizing Process And Data Flow Essay

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AT 590 Special Problems in Aviation Technology
Visualizing process and data flow
‘Smart’ interactive process mapping
Shuyao Wu
Purdue University Abstract
This paper explores the augmented reality (AR) technology in airport ramp operations. The purpose of this project is to provide a surveillance mechanism for ramp operators so that where will be a decrease in ramp accidents. Through the paper, the process map of ground operations shows the procedure after planes entering the gate until they leave the Operation Safety Zone (OSZ). Additionally, the AR view of warning signs on CRJ-100 will alert employees during their operations to decrease ramp injure. This ramp management system will be used to help new ramp employees and ground operations have a better job at maintaining operations on the ground. Along with the results, recommendations for less ramp accidents with AR technology are discussed. Keywords: augmented reality, ramp operation, ramp safety

When it comes to airport ramp operations, many different model aircrafts, vehicles, aircrew, ramp operators, and security with purpose of vendor screening, security sweeps, and overnight surveillance (PrimeFlight, n.d.) moves both day and night around the ramp area where the airside area at an airport is.
While the airport offers aircrafts operate to park, enplane, deplane, refuel, load and unload, airlines pay for using gates and obtain rights to use the facilities from airports. In this paper, the ground
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