Technology Vs Technology

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As a species, mankind has always possessed an unquenchable thirst for advancement. Ever since the first hominid discovered the usefulness of simple tools, humans have used their superior intellect to push our civilization towards the highly advanced society we live in today. From a chronological standpoint, however, we have seen more progress in the past century than the rest of human history combined. Sparked by the Industrial Revolution in the early 1800s, homo sapiens have steamrolled towards the fast paced, interlinked world of the 2010’s. Genius minds, such as those of Henry Ford and Albert Einstein, have helped make our reality something that people in the past never could have dreamed of. All the advancements and conveniences we have today make life easy. Everything revolves around computers, networks, and algorithms. Without a doubt, mankind has become wholly dependent on the technology born from this recent revolution. After all, our ability to think and create is the reason behind our species’ success. However, is our advancement necessarily a good thing? Looking at how far we have come, it would be foolish to overlook the implications and consequences of our incredible new world. Are we keeping up with the technology we create, and the constantly new world it brings? Are we placing too many facets of life outside of the reach of the human mind? And most importantly, are the several comforts and commodities we enjoy distancing us from the self-reliance and
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