Technology Within The Health Setting

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These past few weeks of health informatics have brought to light many important aspects of technology within the health setting. My fellow classmates and I have gotten the chance to dig deep and learn about the use of health informatics in care such as with evidence-based nursing, media methods patient’s use to find health information, online communities of practice (CoP), and the use of Personal Health Records (PHR). I believe these innovations can be increasingly helpful in the care process, but they are each still accompanied by their own consequences or adverse aspects. Further, it will be my job as a nurse to address these innovations with my patients and provide care in a way that will bring to light the associated negatives and/or positives. Week Four This week’s class provided insight into evidence-based nursing and how online information can be used to guide care. In class, groups searched different topics through Google and were to compare the results. My group members and I searched assisted suicide. When comparing two searches, we found the first few websites suggested to be the same but as we continued, the websites were very different as a result of a filter bubble, which filters the results of online search engines in order to suit one’s personality (Badenocha, & Perez Gaxiola, 2015). Before this class, I never knew such a thing existed. I find it uneasy that search engines remember what I have reviewed in the past and thereby draw on these searches to sort
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