Technology and Cars in the Future

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The technology will change our life enormously. The latest technology that exist today such as bendable smart phone amazes me. This bendable and flexible smart phone was developed by Samsung. In addition, the existence of 3D printing, enables users print 3D shapes from 3D pictures. What will happen 50 years from now is a huge transformation with more new inventions, innovations and designs. Future car technologies will be beyond our imagination. Transparent instrument panel of future cars that use OLED technology will give better range of vision than other dashboards. Another possibility is Vegetable-based components. The body panel of the car will be based on vegetable, meaning having “organic design” in order to reduce weight, developed by Honda. But huge problem will happen at the same time. Reserves resources like petroleum will be depleted from year to year. Petroleum is the major power used in many transportation these day such as train, car, automobiles and trucks by converting it to gasoline and diesel. At the same time, 50 years from now air pollution will increase because of these transportation. Thus, the government has to take initiatives to reduce resources such as by increasing its price in order to discourage more consumption of fuel, thus reducing air pollution and conserve petroleum to safe future generation. If I am an automotive engineer, I would like to implement solutions…

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