Technology and Changing Practice Essay

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Technology and Changing Practice R. Steve Terry American Sentinel University BSN 436 11-A July 1, 2011 Margaret Lowenthal Abstract Many sites have patient teaching materials. Select one example of a creative way to present information to patients and describe how this example contributes to critical thinking. 2-3 pages. Introduction Nurses possess so many professional and personal qualities that make them champions in a health care setting, including multitasking skills, passion and efficiency, to name a few. It seems as though as we have to multitask even more, nurses are starting to get on board with apps on smart phones and handheld computer devices. As these devices are becoming more pervasive, the variety…show more content…
With the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s focus on increasing the health IT workforce, nurses with an informatics background will be in high demand in the coming years. Applications for Handhelds As handheld devices are becoming more pervasive, the variety of applications (apps) available for them is increasing exponentially. There are apps designed for virtually every task, pastime and work endeavor, including nursing. While some hospitals are limiting the use of smart phones on the job because of security risks, others are subscribing to suites of applications to make available to their providers. Unbound Medicine provides a suite of applications under the name Nursing Central, along with other nursing related apps (Krichke 2011). Unbound’s founder, a physician, began the company after recognizing that the wealth of information and resources available to clinicians was often difficult to access quickly at the bedside. The Nursing Central suite, which is compatible with most mobile devices, includes Davis’s Drug Guide, Diseases and Disorders, Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, selected MEDLINE journals and Davis’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests (Krichke 2011). An initial annual subscription to the application costs less than purchasing all of the individual texts in hard copy and provides a year of
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