Technology and Children

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Is it possible for children to hurt their future selves socially by spend multiple hours a day on electronic devices in their youth? Sara, from Institute of HeartMath (2012) A website devoted to healthy living states "The fear is not only that this technology is replacing traditional children's activities but that it also may be diminishing social-interaction skills, the ability to relate to the world around them and their empathy for others." But not everyone agrees, there are as many people that promote the use of electronic devices for educational purposes with young children as there are against it. In this essay we will discuss the pro's and the cons of children and technology. The different type of media and the effects they can…show more content…
And needs to be supported and reinforced by their parents at home. They learn how to play games with other children and also how to communicate with those around them. But it is as important for a child to practice this at home as it is for them to learn it at school. Parents can teach their social interaction by using media devices with them at home. Another way that parents can help their children is to sit down and talk to them. Something so simple can make such a huge difference in a child's development. By talking with children, they learn how to communicate with others. It can help them to learn to pronounce words better. With society being as fast paced as it is it may be hard to find the time to sit and talk with a child. So what happens when a child does not receive the attention they need from their parents they may find it hard to make friends or even have a love life when they get older. One of the most important things for a child to hear is their parents voice. That's why there are companies that have created devices that a parent can prerecord messages for their young ones. With apps like Skype or yahoo messenger, a parent who works out of town can still have face time with their little one. This is a paramount time for any child. If a child is neglected at a young age, the results can be dangerous in the future. As society grows the need for social interaction with a person's children grows with it. Toy companies are working to
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