Technology and Culture Essay

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Technology and Culture

Waiting with anticipation to discover my defining moment, the moment that makes or breaks each student in the class, our final. I sank down in my chair wondering if I would pass or fail the college level English class that I had struggled with all semester. Our teacher walked into the classroom, wearing his usual white pants with a blue collared shirt and a red bow tie. He grinned as his eyes peeked over the rim of his bifocal glasses, as he casually walked to the other end of the classroom. My heart sank into my chest while his words sizzled off his tongue, "ESSAY." He then began to inform us that the essay should have at least one book source and 1200 words of information on a topic given. Everyone in the
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I pushed "connect," as I did everyday, but something was different today. When I clicked on the mouse the word ERROR appeared red on my screen. I leaned back, and thought about how this stupid computer was always giving me trouble. I went to unplug it, to begin again. I slid my hand down the back and reached for the plug. I gulped as I realized the enormous computer I had been sitting at this whole time. Without plugging it in again, I sat back in my seat as I began to notice my surroundings. I was sitting in the library at Hotchkiss High School the same library I had sat in for four years. Everything was different though. The chairs were newer looking and the librarian was young. The floor was tiled and there were three computers instead of the usually 22 that I was accustomed to. Not only were there fewer computers, but the computers were huge. I returned to the computer while I rationalized the situation. I plugged the cord back in and the computer began rebooting the screen. After 5 minutes had passed, I began to wonder if the computer would ever start up. I asked the librarian why the computer had a blank, green screen. She looked at me and giggled as she pulled a large floppy disk from her desk. "You need this," she said as she handed me the disk. I looked at her very confused because I had never used a floppy disk in any of my computer projects. She smiled at me and pushed the disk
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