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Technology and Education Introduction Can you imagine a classroom so technologically advanced that every student had access to flat-screen computers, palm pilots, high-tech laboratories, electronic toys, laptops, video games, on-line class sessions and help, chat rooms, and other emerging technologies? Wouldn't it be fun to learn in that type of an environment! Essentially, the purpose of this research paper is to explore and evaluate how public education effectively incorporates use of these and other advances in technology to meet classroom demands with innovative technique. I begin by examining how schools have used technology in the past in order to gain insight from where we have come. Secondly, I investigate how today's…show more content…
While announcement and discussion boards vary from a traditional chalkboard in appearance and media, they still function much in the same way that a chalkboard does. Announcement and discussion boards provide information to the students using a visual display that the students have unlimited access to. Announcement boards are online websites that function as a chat-room in which students are able to view information any time they want from any computer that has internet access. They are also able to communicate more effectively using the discussion board regardless if the class session has ended (CIAT brochure, 2002). Nevertheless, jumping ahead into the 1950’s and 60’s we now have the radio (1920’s), movies, and television, which drastically change the appearance of education (PBS, 2000). It is easy to comprehend how these devices have been integrated into the classroom and even outside of the classroom. Take, for example, the children’s television show Sesame Street, which is educational in nature. This show, which began in 1969, was created to teach preschoolers skills that would help them succeed in their early elementary years (anonymous, 2002). This is an excellent demonstration of an effectively integrated educational tool into public education, even outside of the classroom. This is just one of many ways that technology proves to provide our students with cutting edge advantages and opportunities. And with the

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