Essay on Technology and Education

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Technology and Education

Education is one of the most important professions in the working world. Technology has done many things for us in today’s society especially for education and schools. Technology in the school system has impacted the students and teachers in many positive ways, including virtual field trips, testing tips, teacher resources, class web sites, and lesson plans. With computer use in our schools, we have access to many different sources and various types of learning.

Virtual field trips are a good way for kids to learn and get involved with computers. Students can go on all sorts of exciting trips and not even leave the classroom. Students can go on boat trips. They can follow other kids in different
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On the Internet teachers have set plans or guidelines for other teachers to look at and get ideas on what to do for their classroom. I think this is a great idea for teachers to use especially for new and young teachers to get some great ideas. By using this tool, teachers could hopefully get better and new ideas on how to teach certain subjects or try new things with the students. Teachers can get hints on how they can give tests, or how to help the students become better test takers on the Internet. The web site http// showed many different ways teachers could help the students. The site gives teachers ideas on the best ways to give oral test, true and false tests, by giving the teacher instructions on how to successfully present the material. Class Webs are another way teachers and students can get involved with the Internet and technology; students can help their teachers create a web page for their class. Many teachers use the Internet to find Resources for the classroom. They can find many things for the class to do on the Internet like games and projects.

I have talked to a couple of teachers when I worked for an elementary school in high school during my Junior and Senior year. I asked the teachers whom I worked with what they thought of using the computers in schools. They said it is a nice thing to have in school for the students. The teachers liked the idea that they could get the students on programs to help

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