Technology and Face to Face Interaction Essay

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Communication is the exchange of a shared exchange of the basic meaning between two or more people. The person speaking is called the communicator, this is the person the message to the receivers. The receiver is the person listening to the message. In today’s fast paced business world technology has taken over and face to face talk has diminished over time. Communication today is from several different forms of technology. First and foremost many people have discussions via the computer or some type of voice mail that can be setup. Using fax machines is another great way new technology has taken over face to face discussions. Last is the very popular cellular telephone. Using this new technology face to face communication has become…show more content…
twenty years ago this would be a major deal, dealing with a Japanese businessman daily. Education today can be achieved all on the computer, without leaving the home or meeting the instructor face to face. I personally do not believe i would have attained my Bachelor degree without technology, it would be to difficult to work extremely long hours and get the face to face education.recent time, Now today’s technology, texting, the games for the kids, the constant use of cell phones I believe is dangerous, very dangerous to our society. The xbox games have the children sitting in the house all day playing games. I believe this is dangerous to the health and well being of the next generation. Cell phones are good, they have a purpose, but do we really need to speak on a phone six, seven or eight hours a day. Do people need to really send 1000’s of texting messages each month to an another person. What happened to the face to face conservation, communicating eyeball to eyeball. I remember my boss passed me at work and did not say a word. Five minutes later he sends me an e-mail about some concerns he had. I went to his office and explained to him if there was a problem why did you not tell me five minutes ago when you passed me. That’s absurd. Technology has many great features, allowing technology to become to much of our daily lives like it is today is very dangerous, in my eyes. Again technology can
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