Technology and Happiness in Civilization and Its Discontents and Waiting for Godot

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Technology and Happiness in Civilization and Its Discontents and Waiting for Godot

Happiness is something most humans value above everything else. The various things in life that make us happy, such as family, friends, and cool cars, to name a few, are the very things we hold dearest to us and place the most value on. People fill their lives with things that please them to ease the gloom that comes as a result of the seemingly never-ending trials and tribulations of life. We gladly accept any amount of pleasure we can extract from the monotony of our daily lives, and we will do almost anything to achieve happiness. Throughout Civilization and Its Discontents, Freud talks about happiness-why we don't have it and how to
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They do not feel comfortable without it." When this aggressive drive is repressed, man becomes unhappy. Another drive is the sexual drive, or Eros. Civilization suppresses this drive in much the same way as it suppresses the aggressive drive, and this leads to more unhappiness.

Freud also claims that technological advancements in society are counterproductive. The disadvantages of technology are not too far behind the advantages of technology. On page 40, Freud offers a perfect example of the relationship between the advantages and disadvantages of technology when he says, "If there had been no railway to conquer distances, my child would never have left his native town and I should need no telephone to hear his voice." It is thrilling that we are able to travel long distances because of railroads, but this easy mode of transportation makes it simpler for a person to leave his/her family and go to a new and exciting place. So we invent the telephone so we are able to talk to distant family members, but that is never as good as having a conversation with them sitting right beside you. The technological advances of a society are meant to further people's happiness, but in reality they do nothing more than get in the way of that happiness.

One of Freud's suggestions for finding happiness was forming relationships with other individuals. He believed in
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