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Technology and Health Care Linda Adkins August 26, 2012 HCS/531 Instructor: Rochelle Robinson-Levant Electronic Medical Records As a member of ABC Consultants, Northwestern Human Services (NHS) based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has hired me to find technology that will help the company financially and also give their clients the best care possible. Northwestern Human Services cares for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, mental health patients, and autistic individuals. NHS.(n. d.) ”NHS provides innovative solutions to support the unique needs of the individuals we serve by striving to create a caring and responsive environment that promotes the highest standards of integrity and…show more content…
1). The many uses of EMR’s lower risks and rids of medical accidents that can happen. It also helps organizations deliver quality care to their patients. As with anything, EMR’s has its benefits and weaknesses. Advantages of EMR’s are that all team members in a healthcare situation can work together to bring better quality of care for patients. This can help remove unnecessary testing, medication errors and can help health care workers and organizations to apply the right methods for different conditions. Some patients have more than one condition that may need additional specialists. When physicians use the EMR system, everyone involved will know the patients information and be able to make informed decisions together for treatment. Of course there are always disadvantages for most things. In the case of EMR’s, losing energy to a facility can cause issues. When there is a computer crash, power loss or software problems, it can bring things to a halt unless the organization has a backup power plan. As the consultant for this company, I would recommend a backup plan to eliminate this problem. A problem of this magnitude can result in going back to the paper system to include writing (prescriptions and referrals) and asking more questions to the patients and their families. As a result, time is lost on trying to safely store and secure the provided information. EMR’s have a big effect on

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