Technology and Health Care Paper

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Technology and Health Care Paper
Eugenia Washington
HCS/531 Health Care Organization and Delivery System
August 11, 2014
Tracey Lane

The product that I chose to use is the virtual physician visit. This visit would be structured to finance standard care for any patient with trivial sicknesses.Patients would be able to log onto a specified website where they would be able to openly communicate with a physician. After logging in and connecting with a physician, the patient would be able to communicate the symptoms that they are experiencing to the physician via instant messaging or leaving an email and waiting until a physician can respond to their concerns. This will allow the physician to make a
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A phone call could take place but it would not be as beneficial because some symptoms may be heard and explained but not seen.
The primary care has a huge impact on the relationship between the physician and the patient. Setting up the HER (Electronic Health Record) is very imperative in ensuring that the patient’s medical record is easily accessible and can be shared. This is beneficial to the health care network so that providers and patients are able to exchange information even outside of office visits. Patients that are uninsured and utilize online services for physician visits have a lower cost alternative. A patient paying $45 for a virtual visit whom is suffering from a sinus infection is much more affordable than an emergency room or office doctor visit. Those living in remote areas where a shortage of physicians exists or where access requires lengthy trips to the nearest clinic may find they can access care more quickly and at less out of pocket expense, as costs for travel are eliminated. In both situations it is the reduced wait time and easier access to a physician that help them feel better faster, thus improving their quality of life. Knowing that there is an alternate option such as virtual visits gives the extra assurance needed.
Virtual visits are beneficial to all involved. Patients have a lower cost than co-pays and have to spend less out of pocket. Eads rationalizes that his office has provided virtual visits for years and the service has become
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