Technology and Human Evolution in the Film, 2001: A Space Odyssey

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In the science fiction film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. The director, Stanley Kubrick, portray his masterpiece in an ambiguous understanding where he examines topics such as extraterrestrial life, the dealings with technology and the human evolution. Throughout the movie, Kubrick depicts the facade, monolith as an instrument in awakening intelligence. Moreover, the protagonists go through a drastic change of struggle to explore on the idea of technology and extraterrestrial life. In the opening scene, a mysterious black monolith is bestowed upon the prehistoric apes. It appears in the cool desert dawn as the sun rises with blinding light. Prior to the rising of the monolith, the apes lived in a very peaceful manner. Once, the apes reached in…show more content…
Nevertheless, the appearing of the monolith is an indication of apes advancement in higher orders and knowledge, with the ability to hunt and search for food in a much more efficient fashion. Which resulted in their first murder. Not only does Kubrick, focuses the monolith with the apes. He further depicted the monolith in outer space with the contacts by humans. The setting of the monolith is not too different from the prehistoric setting. As the sun rises over the top of the monolith, just like in the previous setting of the monolith. Reactions by the humans were not that far different from the reaction by the apes. As both species, reacts in a confusing manner by such an unknown object. All the same, the appearing of the monolith in both scenes is a sign of advancement in society and the minds of people Even in space, the encounter with the monolith opens up another part to evolution, represented by Dave as he experiences the evolution. Kubrick uses the monolith in each part as a sign of a new chapter in life. Overall, the successes of human achievement are consistent by the appearance of a façade structure known as “the monolith” which adds on to the evolution of exposing new spices and exposing the avant-garde generation. Every scene with the showing of the monolith, all exposes a experience that changes the society. Starting with the Moonwatcher, the invention of tools and technology comes into play, by transforming the apes to uses
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