Technology and Identity Theft

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In society today, technology is constantly growing and it is the job of the people to keep up with it in order to live their daily lives. Society is responsible to absorb the advancements may it be new discoveries in a certain filed or may it be knowledge that are constantly changing the way society does their business or live. Nowadays, nothing is not done without technology it is used for the most basic of tasks, such as greeting a friend nearby or video chatting with a friend across the globe. Technology has allowed society to become more efficient giving them the ability to accomplish the most basic of tasks without having to move from the position they are sitting in. since the dawn of the internet in the 1990s, it has developed into the most widely used resource used and it continues to grow and develop new things for society to use. With society using the internet for the vast majority of their lives, they expect for the internet to allow for an accurate and safe resource for information. But to their dismay they are wrong the internet does not always allow for safe access to information. It can also be capable of harming society greatly. Everyday society enters personal data into the internet for example credit card information, Social Security information, and other personal information, which are all traveling through the entire internet. All this information is traveling through the internet capable of traveling from one computer to the next. The internet may have
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