Technology and Privavy

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Technology and Privacy Name: Course: Institution: Lecture Date: The world today has modern technology that makes life easier and dependable on it. Technology claims a huge influence on many aspects of life: economic, social and political among others. There are both aesthetic and scientific dimensions towards technology in that those scientists and artists have worked single-handedly or together in the future and present-day like in making dimensional inventions. Although the technology has its positive on the human life, it also has its negative effects on humans. Over years now so many evils against humanity have cropped up socially, politically and even economically (Agre & Rotenberg 1998). Politically, people have pointed…show more content…
Technology companies have also been confirmed to changing the advertising operations to advertising exchanges where they trade the users’ personal profiles to advertisers for marketing that is only beneficial to them. Sometimes the information is used in frauds for basis of overcharging or even turning down consumer applications like insurance firms. Technology has made it possible to trace back a user trail via viewing the history and cookies which retain data unless manually deleted. Personal records like medical records may also be revealed to unauthorised person or organisations during data breaches (Solove, 2004). Technology has been known to make among the biggest profits in the economy. Most of the success is associated with its significant and multiple advertising capabilities though theories of fraud have contributed in making money. Some technology firms practise target advertising where the user may have profiled in their sites giving out essential information that makes them a key target of the ad. Business is currently dependent on information technology for transactions. Though it may seem efficient, there is no guarantee of the consumers’ privacy especially in more individualized market transactions which require greater monitoring hence more information (Iyer & Samociuk 2006). In conclusion, technology has contributed significantly in invading the personal privacy through information breaches that may occur from social sites and

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