Technology and Social Media in the 21st Century

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Teens also believe that under the freedom of speech amendment that they can say anything they want to. Under this belief teens say a lot of regrettable things on networks like Twitter and Facebook. Teens may say something that hurts ones feelings, but administrators at schools are impatient and are quick to label someone as a bully, or someone who hurts someone and causes long lasting pain to someone, because they believe the victim may be scarred when really the victim isn’t. My essential question is: are ant bullying strategies used by schools successful? No, schools are quick to punish and may end up possibly ruining a teens future by putting bullying on a teens transcript. Schools need to be more patient, and need to find the source of the incident and talk to both parties. A very helpful source I found was “Overusing the bully label” by Susan Eva Porter. Her thesis states that schools overuse the word bully, and once society hears the word bully, everyone treats them differently. She says since the Columbine massacre in 1999 the media came to the conclusion that the two shooters had been bullied. Since that incident our nation has adopted a zero tolerance policy for bullying, when really the term bully is so broadly used now, that what used to be normal, yet painful aspects of childhood growth and development have fallen under the new…
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