Technology and Social Networking Sites

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COMPARITIVE ANALYSIS OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES Submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirement of Degree of Master of Business Administration from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi (2009-2011) Research Supervisor: Submitted By: Name : Mrs Pratibha Jha Name: Kirti Singh Designation: Asstt. Professor Batch: MBA (2009 – 11) ARMY INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY GREATER NOIDA-201306 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I sincerely acknowledge the guidance, counseling, assistance and close co-operation provided by Mrs Pratibha Jha, Faculty, IT Dept., AIMT Greater Noida and all my friends and peers who helped in the conceptualisation, preparation and the successful completion of this…show more content…
Sites like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace and LinkedIn account for seven of top twenty most visited websites in the world. For many users especially the fully wired net generation online social networks are not only a way to keep in touch but a way of life. In addition to the socializing, it can be used as tool for education, business, learning etc. Like every other form of technology, it also has its own drawbacks. The drawbacks range from simple waste of time, negative effect on children and teens to privacy theft, cyber stalking, hacking, misuse of database, identity theft, illegal activities and some forms of terrorism as well. Presently there are over 300 networking sites in existence. Thus, each competitor tries to be one up using latest technologies, attractive features etc. Objective: The objective of this research paper is to compare the social networking sites commonly used in India on various parameters like services, applications, demographics, security etc. The paper also aims to understand the possible use of Social Networking sites as a platform for information and knowledge sharing and to enlist its advantages and disadvantages. Finally the research would conclude with a SWOT of the popular networking sites in India. LITERATURE REVIEW AND CONCEPT FORMULATION How it all started In the early 90's, websites such as Geocities and Tripod were created to bring
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