Technology and Sports (Speech)

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How many of you have a certain sport or certain team that you follow? Well that wouldn’t be possible without technology. Athletes wouldn’t be able to travel to different states and countries without cars or planes. You wouldn’t be able to watch every event and watch them again in slow-mo. You wouldn’t be able to Tweet instantly when something exciting happens. I believe that professional sports have benefited from today’s technology in that sports are much more connected throughout the world, and the fairness and equality in terms of technicalities, has improved, so today I am going to be talking to you about those aspects.

So first off, think about how sports have
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As stated by Nicholas Szczerban’s article, “Tackling Instant Replay” in the Virginia sports and entertainment law journal, In Super Bowl XXVI, Washington Redskins receiver Art Monk appeared to catch a touchdown pass during the first quarter of the game, but instant replay determined that his foot landed out of bounds making the pass incomplete. Had this play occurred on the final play of a tie game for example, an incorrect ruling by the referee might have altered the outcome of the game and deprived a team of victory and its accompanying benefits. Without instant replay, that wouldn’t be possible.

Next is electronic timing. Let’s say in swimming. In 2008 at the Beijing Olympics, Michael Phelps won the 100 butterfly by one hundredth of a second, thanks to electronic timing. If there were still people timing, it wouldn’t have been that accurate and he wouldn’t have gotten 8 gold medals in the Olympics. Also in track, with how fast and close the runners in the 100 meter dash cross the line it would be to inaccurate to hand time.

One more sport that benefits from electronics is hockey. The goals in hockey have sensors that sound an alarm when the puck crosses into the goal so that the refs know for sure that the goal was made, because it gets so congested around the goal sometimes that it would be hard for a
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