Essay on Technology and The Correction Systems

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Technology has become the bedrock for different parts of the correction system. The main force of expenditures and study in the corrections field is for the use of monitoring offenders. Different technologies that allow for better control pf the offenders can save lives and help prevent new crimes from emerging. The point of these technologies is to reduce the chance of recidivism by deterring criminals from behaviors that they may commit if otherwise left to their own devices. “The role of staff in the correctional institutional environment will never be obsolete but the use of technology can enhance and enable staff to perform their jobs more efficiently and in a safer and more secure way.” (Mannix 2) There is also an increase use of …show more content…
Global Positioning Anklets used in conjunction with other methods such as risk assessments and cognitive behavioral treatment. The use of these anklets acts more of a sanction against the offender and servers to improve cognitive behaviors so that they can become a functioning member of society. The use of these devices and other forms of electronic monitoring are currently a large part of probation. In 2004 over 20% of offenders on probation were on electronic monitoring. (Gable 1) That number has increased over the last ten years. Forms of electronic monitoring are now the go-to item as far as sanctions against offenders.
When it comes to whether or not this form of electronic monitoring has positive outcomes one could search for these answers by understanding the statistics and different variables involved. Recidivism and other infractions in some cases can be deterred by the fact that to them there is always someone watching their movements. In some cases this measure does not prevent any more acts however in the cases that involve threats to victims the global position system bracelet can be used to notify police in the event an offender goes to close to that victim. The effectiveness of electronic monitoring programs would seem
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