Technology and Us According to Nicholas Carr

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Every morning I wake up searching my bed for my phone. Flipping sheets and pillows until my phone appears. I lay back in bed and check my Facebook, Snapchat and Reddit. Telling myself that i'll get out of bed in fifteen minutes but I get absorbed into my phone and that fifteens minutes turn into thirty minutes. I start to do the rest of chemistry homework but in five minutes I lose my concentration and I reach for my phone without thinking. I end up doing my homework last minute before class. I always tell myself that I got to do my homework right after school. But that never happens because the same thing that always happens in the morning, Its a endless cycle. While I was typing up this essay, I thought of batman and went to Netflix and watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Five hours wasted that i could've used for homework. Some people self diagnose themselves with ADHD and blame their attention span and willingness to learn on ADHD. I blame it on the internet and ourselves.

According to Nicholas Carr, people are losing their attention span to fast because of sites like google. Nicholas Carr say that something is tinkering with his mind, he can feel it. Just as he quoted the scene from the Odyssey movie when the astronaut is taking the memory out Hal the computer. He compares to himself when he reads a book, after three pages he loses his concentration and tries to look for something else to do. He says this happens because that information is so easy to
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