Technology and War Fare

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As technology progresses, so does warfare. We first saw the new dangers of modern weapons in World War One, with the introduction of chemical weapons. Then, in World War Two, we developed nuclear weapons that would destroy two entire cities. Today, in the war on terror, the United States has developed military drones to kill terrorists without putting our soldiers in danger. These weapons of mass destruction violate human rights because they cause many civilian casualties, put people through great physical suffering, and do not allow for a trial before execution causing many people to die unjustly. They can and are used to quickly slaughter many people at once, including innocent civilians and children, with complete disregard for human…show more content…
(Living Under Drones) This is just a glimpse into the lives of those who are greatly suffering in Pakistan due to the use of UAVs. Not only are they killing and permanently disabling many people, but the collateral damage from the drone strikes cause severe damage to buildings and homes, completely destroying families houses and lives. Not only is it harming the people of Pakistan and other Middle Eastern countries, but it is very mentally damaging to the “pilots” who control the drones from across the world. Many suffer from PTSD knowing how many innocent lives they have ruined and what they had to witness. It is extremely hard for them to go on with their lives knowing hundreds have died by their hands while they sit safely in a military base nowhere near danger. For other “pilots” the use of drones has dehumanized the enemy for them. What they see is a blurry infrared image of some enemy they are taught to kill, and not an actual human being. They are no longer killing people, just hitting targets. These “pilots” become trigger happy now. The military has basically created monsters to slaughter people by the dozens, and get rewarded the more they kill. They think that they are saving lives, when really all they’re doing is slaughtering men, women, and children like pigs. These crimes against human rights have not gone completely unnoticed. There have been many protests in the United States and European countries against the use of
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