Technology and the Inevitable Effect

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When looking for the true necessities for sustaining life, dependence on man made items cannot be a factor in choice. Before the high tech society of today, what did every human being need in order to survive? The single discovery that caused humans as a species to develop far above the others was fire. A flame was a source of energy used for warmth, protection, and for cooking food. Growing up, starting a fire was as easy as turning on a gas stove or lighting a match, but when gas and matches are not present starting a fire could be very difficult. Friction is the key to creating a flame, but location is also very important. The terrain and weather can make a hard task like lighting a fire even harder. As well as fire, humans have been using shelter as a source to safety. Human bodies cannot withstand all forms of abuse and because of this, humans need shelter. Shelter is any form of protection that is used to protect a body. The hard thing is finding the materials to build one. Location is also a key to a good LaBrie 6 shelter. Putting hard work, time, and energy into a well crafted shelter is crucial, but the location and conditions of the land can ruin your home within a day. Jeffrey Shaw who was in US Air Force aircrew survival training with 20 other men, had experienced scenarios where building shelter and making fires were not as easy as flicking a switch. “About 20 of us spent a week in the woods in the winter of 1989-1990 in Spokane, Washington. This was the
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