Essay about Technology in Education

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Software to support Assessment Since the beginning of the evolution of technology, the way that people think and learn seems to have evolved simultaneously. Children understand technology at a much younger age and many times are called upon to help older generations use new technologies. Technology has become a large part of education in the last fifty years. Assessment software and technologies are available for almost every educator. However many teachers do not utilize Assessment software as intended because they lack training or understanding of the software. Integrating assessment software is imperative to gauging students’ progress. When the teacher is trained and the software is utilized as intended, assessment software…show more content…
Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment Summative assessment is when student, school, school district or other, is assessed after the learning has taken place to see what has been learned, or as a comparison to certain standards, goals or guidelines. Summative assessment is often associated with state assessments or standardized tests. In the classroom or district it is used as an accountability, or grading tool. According to Garrison & Ehringhaus (2007) “Because [summative assessments] are spread out and occur after instruction every few weeks, months, or once a year, summative assessments are tools to help evaluate the effectiveness of programs, school improvement goals, alignment of curriculum, or student placement in specific programs.” (Garrison & Ehringhaus, 2007) Formative assessment is the assessment that is taken during the learning process. It is a very valuable part of teaching for it provides the information necessasary to adjust the teaching and learning while it is happening. Formative and summative assessments are very different. Where summative assessments are usually linked to a letter grade or a way to test what has been learned, The formative assessment can be compared to “practice” (Garrison & Ehringhaus, 2007). Formative assessment also requires student involvment. Students need to assess themselves, as well
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