Technology in Education; Where it has been, Where it is now, and Where it is Going

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“Technology in Education; Where it has been, Where it is now, and Where it is Going”

“Before you become too entranced with gorgeous gadgets and mesmerizing video displays, let me remind you that information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, and wisdom is not foresight. Each grows out of the other. And we need them all” (Re-inventing 1995). These words spoken by the distinguished author, Arthur C. Clarke, bring to light where exactly the technological situation in education is and the direction it is going. The discussion and debate of introducing and improving classrooms with technology has been a relatively heated topic as of late. Many have even claimed that if schools are to survive it is imperative for us to stand back
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The structure of education has continued to change with the passage of time. A key proponent of this continuing change in education is the introduction of new lifestyles as well as the introduction of new technological inventions. In 1642 Frenchmen Blaise Pascal created the first calculating machine at age 21 (Kaplan 2004). The calculating machine was a large metal box that was 20’x4’x3’ with only eight dials that were manipulated by a stylus. When comparing this appliance to say a hand held pocket pilot in today’s society we can see just how much improvement has been made over the centuries. Back in the mid 1850’s the only technology used in education was the slide rule that assisted with multiplication and subtraction. This was taught in schools because at the time society was mainly agrarian and this technology was based on physical distance that was used on the farmlands with crops and fields. Thus this technology, while simple, was important for students to know. The calculating machine, though a significant historical artifact, has virtually no importance to today’s student. Presently the main issue concerning technology in education is with the creation of the computer. Before examining the use of the computer and technology in the classroom it is important to understand the improvement in the PC over the years. In 1975 the first personal

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