Technology in Ethical Situations

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Ethics in Technology Introduction Over the last several years, technology has led to major transformations in the way everyone is living their daily lives. However, as these changes are occurring questions are arising about new ethical issues and how they can be resolved. To fully understand what is taking place, there will be a focus on these challenges and the conflicts they are creating. Together, these elements will highlight the possible problems and their impact on social norms. Technology and Ethical Situations The changes in technology are underscoring how new ethical issues are emerging. This is because these shifts are illustrating potential abuses that are creating conflicts between: existing regulations and the advantages that are provided to select groups. Over the course of time, this is raising concerns that these kinds of adjustments will take away many of the protections that everyone enjoys. ("Listening Devices," 2004) For example, law enforcement will often utilize technology to provide them with an advantage in following the activities of criminals. However, fears are increasing that this can lead to possible civil rights abuses. In this particular case, the police are utilizing targeted listening devices to filter out the background noise and hear the conversations between two people (while remaining hundreds of feet away from them). ("Listening Devices," 2004) This is troubling as these kinds of issues could lead to possible privacy concerns.
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