Technology in Middle School Classrooms

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Over the past few years there has been a huge debate on technology helping vs. hurting in the classroom. I decided to experience for myself how it is used and if it is making learning easier. Recently, I interviewed a school teach who teaches sixth grade at a public middle school in Santa Clarita. She had been teaching for over 10 years for the district including the implementation of technology from conception. She explained that over the first five years of teaching she focused very little on technology because it was not required. The only technology her students used was attending the computer lab twice a month. Unfortunately, while her students were in the computer lab computer games were the fascination of the majority of students. She made it very clear that was the case then but not presently due to the state of California adopting the Common Core Standards. Currently, California is making sure that technology is getting integrated in the classroom and in major ways. Primarily, students now use laptop computers in the classroom and playing those computer games are not the most intriguing aspect of time spent in the lab. Observing these students during class would be instrumental in concluding if computers were really being used for school work or were they being used as a way to keep to students distracted from their learning environment. I sat in the back of the class to observe the students in…
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