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Technology In Our Society No doubt, technology is increasingly important in the modern world. It is amazing how fast technology has been developed. Nearly every major advance was invented in the last century. These invention are always planned for a positive result, however the negative effects often do not become apparent until after the event. These effects will be deal in the following paragraphs with related materials. The text, "Whose Life is it Anyway?", by Brian Clark, has clearly illustrated that with the development of medical technology, people can now have a better quality of life. Moreover, many lives which normally would not survive without the advance in medical treatment can now be artificially prolonged. The central…show more content…
"Up until now, only 50 genetic tests have been developed to detect diseases. But within a decade, there will be tests for 5000 diseases." It is a remarkable increase. In the near future, hopefully, genetic testing will be employed to reveal potential health risks. It is a positive effect of technology in the modern world. Another useful source for the effects of technology in our world is the documentary. On 23 April 1996, SBS broadcasted a film entitled "Weapon: A Battle for Humanity". It recorded that landmines and laser weapons are devils. Evidently, mines do not just shatter individual lives, they also shatter whole communities. In World War II, mines were used to be defensive weapons. However, they do not just only kill soldiers, but also farmers farming, children playing and women collecting food. People in the past or even now have complained about their existence. Laser weapons have been abused in military field. Militarism plans to install these weapons in war. Their power have been recognized that under a certain condition, laser weapons can result in losing sight. No medical science today can actually give sight back. Weapons should only be objects of defense. However, because of the advance of technology, they have become more and more powerful. Scientists clearly know that misusing weapons will result in deaths, but they are still working towards more powerful weapons which can result in even more death. Why is this?
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