Technology in Schools

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Would you want to send your children to a pediatrician that was practicing medicine in the 1970’s or 1980’s? Then why would you want your child to be taught using teaching techniques that are decades, even centuries old (Steinberg par. 2)? Computers in school impact, not only a person’s education, but their whole life: Financial aspects, physical conditions, and their self-esteem. A person’s finances would be affected due to the cost of the computer, the software for computers, and maintenance of the computer hardware. Some schools require that the students pay for the computer themselves. This is an obvious problem because computers are extremely expensive machines and the rising cost of living, lower salaries, and college expenses do…show more content…
The computers then read the text to that single individual. Some scanners can even read printed text. The process is done by scanning a hard copy of a document into the computer where it is converted to a digital file. A computer software will then analyze the document and convert the digital file into a text file. A text file gives the computer the ability to distinguish characters. The user would then select a portion of the document that they need read aloud. This can be read two ways. The first way can leave the whole selection highlighted while it is being read. The second way is that the highlighted portion of the text would move with the speech processor so that someone could easily follow along with the reading. (Working par. 10,11). Another form of this software can read phonetically. This could aid people with dyslexia because they typically try spelling words phonetically. Normal spell-checking may not help very much when words are spelled phonetically but these programs recognize what the user is trying to spell and it assists the by guessing the correct words (Working par. 13). Another useful tool for people with learning disabilities is a software that aids in the creation of concept maps. Some people have problems organizing and integrating their ideas into what they are writing. This software gives the user a visual representation of these ideas and concepts. The different ideas are presented in a physical manner that is usually connected by
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