Technology in Teaching and Learning Essay

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Educational technologies are being utilized in every way shape and form, from inline gaming to numeracy, literacy and painting by numbers. From learning to leisure we have embraced the internet, in online chat rooms we communicate, interact and move into future learning through educational programmes and technology that lets us learn virtually. Instruction and directions are sent across cyberspace which change perceptions and give us an insight into different cultures far away across the other side of the world .The enigma that is cyberspace has the capacity to change our way of thinking, learning and teaching, and it is this teaching aspect that most interests me. As classroom based beings, teachers and the technological movement ebb…show more content…
This technology helps students to demonstrate their potential and develop social constructs that aid in collaborative learning and in turn teaching. It is access to interactive technology, the internet, whiteboard or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that has given me an entertaining platform on which to engage learners. Most of this generation of teens have the advantage of being digitally aware, with on-line gaming, Face book and Twitter part of everyday conversations. For these learners keyboard skills are almost inherent, yet for some it has generated a further problem. It is the letters on the keyboard itself that creates a barrier to interactive action learning, this is the case for some of my students and indeed for myself as a facilitator of learning for non readers. Dearing, (1997 p.20) mentions. “New technology is changing the way information is stored and transmitted. This has implications for both the skills which higher education needs to develop and the way in which it is delivered. Universities may invest millions of pounds in the provision of computer hardware without ever seriously considering the educational results such investment may deliver. This is true of Entry level learning also. Mumford, (1995 pp.55-57) “However, the student must be exposed to the technology in a
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