Technology in a Utopian Society: Is It a Good Thing?

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Technology in a Utopian Society: Is it a Good Thing?
What is living in a perfect world like? Is a perfect world even possible? How does technology and social interaction factor into a society aiming towards one that is utopian? Technology is ever-present in our society today. It has helped us become more efficient, more accessible, and provides us with a level of instant gratification we have not always had. These appear to be some upsides to technology. It moves and develops so quickly that one may have thought that they have just purchased the most recent version of an IPad, only to realize that a new version is going to be released next week. From a social interaction point of view, it is not uncommon to be in a restaurant and see two
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He asserts his point when saying “It has robbed us of the sense of space and of the sense of touch, it has blurred every human relation and narrowed down love to a carnal act. It has paralysed our bodies and our wills, and now it compels us to worship it (p.15).” Kuno is illustrating that the Machine has stripped Forster’s inhabitants of things such as human touch, and feelings as strong as love to the extent that it is a carnal act. It has dehumanized the inhabitants to such a state that they no longer can think for themselves and practically worship the Machine. This gives the feeling that the relationship between the Machine and the inhabitants is almost cult-like. Once again, Forster is showing us that as technology gains in strength or progresses, it will simultaneously diminish our capacity to be human. This quote simply reinforces what the effects are to humans and their environment when technology plays a bigger part in society. In our society today, we used to be restricted to shopping at retail establishments during their working hours. We can now shop 24hours a day/7 days a week from the comfort of our own home or anywhere we can find an internet connection. We can place orders for groceries online and even have them delivered to our homes! There is something to be said for convenience, yet there is a price to

pay when there is too much of it. The television has turned into a technological baby sitter.
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