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"The New Art of Making Ruins" Havana is a city located in Cuba and it is the capital of the country. It is essential and necessary to explore Havana's history because people can learn about it and understand the culture. The city used to be a role model for other cities in Latin America and may be a role model for other cities around the world. It is a historical city and it used to have a wonderful architecture. Unfortunately, houses, theaters and buildings are in ruins and uninhabitable and sadly people do not have many options and they have to live in the ruins. Despite this situation the city remains being one of the architectural jewels of Latin America. The city is living in decadence and its habitants need to learn and accept how…show more content…
Fidel Castro was a revolutionary leader that changed the conditions of the country. He was part of "the guerrilla" and with his ideals converted the country to a different place. Nowadays, the society is suffering and living under the consequences of his decisions. The country is communist and it is defined as a socialist republic. Before Fidel Castro was in power of the country, the economy of Cuba was one of the most successful, stable, and superior economies in Latin America. Since Cuba has had issues with other countries, its exports have decrease which is reflected in its economy. It is sad how people are living in the country and all the limitations they have to survive and live in ruins. Sadly, the safety of the country is not the best either. It is sad to see how people worked hard to obtain a property or a piece of land in order to have a better future and offer a place to live to their families and then groups like "the guerrilla" take advantage of them and steal those lands. Also, the instability of the economy lead the country to increase criminal acts since people might be desperate to find money to survive. This is leading the country to have a bad safety conditions. It is important to analyze this situations and the conditions under the people from Cuba is living because this has brought many impacts on their behaviors and the evolution of the society and the country. The communism that they are living under
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