Essay on Technology in the Classroom

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Over the last several years I feel there has been a huge shift in the way people around the world are taught and the way people learn in the classroom on a day-to-day basis. In my opinion this is not a result of change to a single element involving teaching techniques, but more specifically a change in amount (increase) of technology used by teachers and students alike. Technology provides many major benefits to society, proven by its dramatic advancement over the last 30 years, but it also presents the question- If we are choosing to make our lives easier by using technology, which in essence is what it is made for, are we really learning/ comprehending as much as we once did? Technology is changing quickly and dramatically. Not …show more content…
As a result student’s skill in retaining information derived from reading material must also be affected. Technology also provides students with a much more convenient way to access information dishonestly in a classroom setting. Cell phones, which by their nature are small and concealed, are constantly improving their wireless Internet accessibility and reliability. Although, this might seem like a very useful tool for on the go research, it also provides a means for students to access and store information that they find useful on an exam, which defeats the purpose of the exam. There are also applications that allow for students to consult others during a test and get answers dishonestly that are compromising the integrity of the exam. Technology can also be used as a tool that assists teachers or aids in an explanations of a complex issues, but it can just as easily distract a learner as it can assist one. Often times, students see the speed and ease that one is able to complete tasks on a computer as an attractive feature, without realizing the negative effects of putting less effort into their learning. Students often can copy notes and upon completion tune out the lecture and tune into Facebook. In this case the instructor might not have the full attention of the student
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