Essay about Technology in the Classroom

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Technology in the Classroom

Technology is becoming more and more dominant in our society.Everyday upgrades are being made and new innovations are being discovered. Technology is all around us whether we want it to be or not: it is the vehicles we drive, it can be found in our homes, and can even be found in the grocery store.Every place we look there is some type of technology.I believe technology has had a major impact on our school systems and is still impacting it today.There are those who do not agree, though, that technology has impacted our schools.Eric Gormly writes, “In fact, many theorists point out the overall impact of technology on education has been quite small, manifesting little discernible change in the classroom.”
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McLafferty describes technology as being “a tool, a series of instruments that can be used to enhance and expand the learning process.” [3]He even considers paperback books to be technology.

In progressing from these one-room schoolhouses, new innovations have been brought about to make our lives easier.In place of teachers coming home covered in chalk dust, we now have overheads they can write on in order to teach the children.This, in turn, keeps the teachers clean and dust free.There are also dry erase boards where a teacher can write on the board with a marker and easily wipe it off later with no mess.Instead of getting covered in ink from the Xerox machine, teachers now use copy machines that are cleaner and can print more copies in half of the time that it takes to Xerox the copies. Photographs, paperback books, motion pictures, slide projectors, television, VCR, and radio were all utilized as the next step in the progression of technology in the classrooms.Even though these apparatuses are still in use, in many schools they are becoming obsolete.Computers, Interactive Television (I-TV), laptops, and PowerPoint Presentation are the newest developments in this progression.We can see how society is providing us with the things we need to make our lives easier.

Students are using technology for many things. Instead of using a slide rule in math, we
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