Technology in the Mathematics Classroom Essay

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Technology in the Mathematics Classroom

In today’s society, technology is advancing at such a rate that on can hardly stay ahead. Technology surrounds every person in civilization. To not use the technology that is readily available would be absurd. The same idea applies to technology in the classroom. Calculators, in particular, are becoming more readily available in the classroom, but technology should not stop there. Many inspiring computers programs, such as Geometer’s Sketchpad,
Math Success, Fathom, Maple, and Minitab greatly enhance the mathematical teaching and learning that can take place in a classroom. With these types of programs, teachers can cover required more in-depth, and addition material more
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The myths include:
1. “Calculators are a crutch: They are used because students are too lazy to compute the answers on their own; they do the work for the student.”
2. “Because calculators do all of the work for the student, he/she will not be stimulated or challenged enough.” 3
3. "If I didn't need to use technology to learn math, then neither does my child. After all, I turned out just fine."
4. “The use of calculators prevents students from effectively learning the basic mathematics they will need when they enter the workforce.”
5. “People will become so dependent on calculators that they will be rendered helpless without one. (e.g.:
What if the battery dies or the student has to perform a computation when no calculator is available?)” (Waits pg. 6-8)
Waits gives reasons why these myths are in fact false and why it is important for the myths to be overcome by the public in his essay. In conjunction with the importance of parents and teachers fostering technology is the importance for students to foster technology in the classroom.
Students should be taught to use technology as a tool for learning and not a “crutch.” As noted in the NCTM
Principle, “Technology should not be used as a replacement for basic understandings and intuitions;
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