Technology in the Workplace

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Caribbean Studies School Based Assessment Technology and its Impact on the Workplace in the Caribbean: The Changing Nature of Jobs [pic] Name: Rekha Burnett School: Harrison College Centre No.: 030014 Candidate No.: 030014 Date: 16/04/2010 Table of Contents Page Introduction 2 Purpose of Research 3 Literature Review 4 Data Collection Sources 6 Presentation of Findings 7 Interpretation of Findings 11 Discussion 13 Conclusion/Limitations of the Research/Recommendations 15 Bibliography 16 Appendices 17 Introduction Background According to the U.S. Census…show more content…
This method was chosen because the object of this research is to collect respondents' experiences and perceptions of technology and its effects in the Barbadian workplace. In addition, the interview with its setting being less rigid, helped contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere for the respondents and allowed them to spend more time with the questionnaire/interview. As well as it allowed for the interviewer to build a rapport with the respondent, which meant the respondents were active in the interview. This further helped because there was the opportunity to explain questions and probe for more details and to ask spontaneous questions. This research method provided a good control over the sampling audience. Some limitations were incurred through the data collection process. The respondents were less willing to bring up topics because they did not feel comfortable sharing with a stranger; however, with the ethics standard of confidentiality used for the interview/questionnaire, this made them feel a bit more open. Presentation of Findings The data was collected from 22nd of March to 26th of March and the response rates were of 100 percent from the questionnaires. The sample consisted of 30 respondents representative of the workforce, 15 male and 15 female which indicated that equal amounts of males and females were represented in the sample group. 100 percent of the
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