Technology is all Around Our Daily Lives

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Technology is all around us when we look to our daily routine and we count all the technology tools that we use in one day, we will realize how just important technology is. We can’t live for one day with out using cell phones, watching T.V, driving cars, computers or any electrical machines. In fact day after day depending on technology increases weather through communication, transportation or search for any information. Also we use technology for entertainment, education and science. Due to technology we have been able to reach the surface of the moon and the bottom of the ocean thanks to the technology revolution, and because of the importance of technology most of the big companies create sections for research and development. It influences minds in good and bad ways, and it allows people to share information which they would other wise not be able to share. Technology plays an important role in most areas of life, in other words, they solve most of the problems of human beings, the aim of the importance of technology to make life easier for humans. Using the technology has helped to expand the perception of a person, and the development of culture, made him following up well to events all over the world without restriction or excuse prevents him from what is happening outside the range in which the person lives. It also has the ability to bring people closer, especially students who are studying outside their home countries, they can to talk to their families and

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